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Brady2Brady offer a wide rang of Bookkeeping and administrative services.

All services are customizable to your business needs, from a needle to an anchor, no matter the sector your business falls into, we can tailor to suit your wants and needs.

Full Bookkeeping

– setting up accounting software

-running the day-to-day entries in the software (QBO, Sage, Zero etc)

-running Excel/Google Sheets spreadsheets for your accounting books

-date entry

-bank reconciliations

-invoice creation and bills track


-accounts payable and receivable

-all completely tailored to you and your business



Invoice creation and payment collections

-creating invoice templates for account software

-creating invoices to sent to customers

-contacting clients for payments

-custom collections spreadsheet

-entering invoices into accounting system along with payments

Tax preparation/"Books" Cleanup

-sifting through your books/software with a fine tooth comb, to make sure everything is accounted for correctly

-all prep work to be handed over to your accountant

-Profit and Loss/Balance Sheet detail work

-Never had an electronic/online accounting software? We can set up a new QBO, Sage, Xero etc for upcoming tax, enter the previous year to be able to pull comparison reports


Custom Electronic/Scannable Business Cards

-we create the the one off physical card for you to carry with your name and/business logo

-a landing page can be custom made for your business

-scan the card to a phone and the card will bring the client to you landing page, they can then save this for their future needs


NFC business cards are the way forward

Custom Business Templates

-custom invoice templates for you to use electronically or to be printed into an invoice booklet

-custom Excel/Google Sheet spreadsheets, these can be for tracking income/expenses, keeping track of the races your horses are entered into to along with winnings, tracking rental income for property management etc. You name it we can design it


Every business, big or small can benefit Bookkeeping services, whether it is to set up your accounting software and show you how to use it going forward or having a bookkeeper that is in your books every single day.

You can opt to meet with a bookkeeper once a quarter to go over your transactions.

Bookkeepers are quite beneficial for your business, gets you out of the office, where you can focus on other main priority tasks, meetings etc. and not have to worry about the financial system and operations every single day.

Our basis hours are 9am – 5pm (GTM) Monday through Friday.

However, as we complete work for companies in different time zones, we can operate outside these times.

This can all be discussed prior to entering into any agreement

We are remote workers for the time being. Based in Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland.

All general meetings will be held in a public place (coffee shop), for any meetings that require privacy, we will advise of the location to meet or we will simply come to your premises.

Yes and No. Depending on your needs if you need a project completed and you do not intend or cannot guarantee to be a long term customer, than no contract is needed. We can complete work on a project by project basis. Some of our services available do not have to be repeated.

On the other hand, some of our services do need a contract. The terms on the contract are there to protect our business and yours too. The contract can we amended to suit both companies wants/needs for working today. This can be due to time frame work, data protection etc.

Absolutely not! If you are in need of an accountant for any reason, we can certainly help getting someone on board for your business to work with. Some accountants and also some bookkeepers have people that they continually work with or partner with. I am not currently partnered with any accountant. We feel that we should be able to work with the accountant that is already in place, if it ever becomes an issue for anyone involved, we would happily sit down to have a discussion about it. Like many parts of business, there needs to be open communication and understanding between everyone involved. 

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